In-Depth Review: What Sets Non Gamstop Betting sites Apart from Their Gamstop Counterparts.

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May 17, 2024
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Non gamstop betting sites are becoming more popular. They offer benefits that UK-regulated sites don’t. With perks and incentives, they attract those wanting more betting freedom. Goldenbet Casino is one of the top choice among them.

With over 96 000 live events, Goldenbet Casino has lots to offer. It also provider horse racing and greyhound racing betting options to UK players. Plus, taking out winnings is easy and quick.

In the given article, we will decipher what are the key factors that set nongamstop betting sites apart from their gamstop counterparts.

Key Takeaways

  • Non gamstop betting sites offer more gaming variety and higher bonuses.
  • Secure payment methods including Visa/Mastercard and cryptocurrencies are available at non gamstop betting sites.
  • Non gamstop bookies often have lower deposit requirements and faster withdrawal processes.
  • The freedom provided by non gamstop betting sites allows players to bypass self-exclusion schemes while still practising responsible gambling.

Introduction to Non Gamstop Betting Sites

Non Gamstop betting sites are for UK players who want more than the UK Gambling Commission’s limits. These sites provide an outlet and more betting options. They represent great alternatives for those seeking free betting experience and diverse betting options.

The UK is the biggest sports betting market in Europe. Around 5-10% of people from this country bet on sports. And bookies not on gamstop like Mystake, Freshbet or Betnow offer a lot of choices. Freshbet is also considered as another very popular betting site not on GamStop in the UK. It has sports, virtual sports, racing, and eSports.

These sites are licensed in places like Curacao. They offer a different way of doing things. For instance, Goldenbet is famous for football bets because of its live betting and many bet types.

MyStake is praised for its 4.7/5.0 Trustpilot score. It’s top-notch for horse racing bets not on GamStop. It has great sports betting bonuses too. Cosmobet, although new, has quick cash outs, new betting options, and cool casino games.

Another new betting site, Velobet is loved for not needing checks and not imposit stromg KYC policies. It offers bonuses, works well with cryptocurrencies, and has support available all the time. Rolletto stands out with same-day cash outs and a sleek interface. Jackbit shines as a crypto bookie not on GamStop, with lots of games and no need for verification.

So, there are countless safe and great options for UK players. But, what they should remember is to bet safely. They should pick sites with international licences and good reputations.

Betting Sites Not on Gamstop vs Gamstop Sites

Betting sites not on Gamstop don’t join the UK Gambling Commission’s self-exclusion scheme. This scheme stops people from accessing UK gambling sites if they sign up for it. Meanwhile, non-UKGC casinos operate without these rules. They give players the chance to gamble more freely, away from Gamstop’s limits.

In the last five years, the populsrity of betting sites not on Gamstop have grown by 50%.  These sites offer more games and sports than ones registered on gamstop, attracting players worldwide. They also have big bonuses, like 150% up to £1000 for sports or special crypto deals.

Non-UKGC casinos allow higher bets and more payment options, catering to users from many places. You can use cards or newer methods like eWallets and cryptocurrencies. This suits a global audience well. While in Gamstop registered sites, you can not use cryptocurrencies.

However, some of the non gamstop sites have risks because they don’t follow UK laws. They might not have strong player protection. It’s vital to check their safety measures and ensure whther thay are licensed or not.

Features of non gamstop betting sites that you can’t find on gamstop sites

NonGamstop betting sites have some quite cool advantages and features you can not find on most of the Gamstop sites. One of these advantages is diverse betting options. For example, Goldenbet has lots of categories like sports (+120 types), eSports, virtual sports. FreshBet gives the best odds for higher returns.

There’s plenty of live events too. GoldenBet is great for football fans with its live betting. They have match tracker and live streaming on almost every football match, which makes betting on this site even more exciting.

Affordable betting is another plus. It means that the limit of minimum bets are much lower. For instance, Sites like MyStake make it easy for more people to bet. They don’t ask for much money to start, so more can join in.

Another feature distinguishing non gamstop betting sites from gamstop sites is sportsbook bonuses. Non gamstop bookies typically have more sportsbook bunuses, with reasonable wagering requirements and lower minimum deposit requirements to satisfy the terms for it.

These features, from the betting options to the incentives, make non gamstop betting sites very attractive. This is why lot of the UK bettors find them especially appealing.

Security and Fair Play

In spite of these advantages, It’s key to focus on security and fair play when using non Gamstop betting sites. These sites might have their own fair gaming policies. Most of them are regulated differently than UKGC-licensed casinos. Meaning that they might have Curacao, MGA or Anjuan Gaming Licenses. 

But, beware, there are some bookies not on gamstop that don’t have a license and yet claim to have one. These ones are scams, and you must try not be affiliated with them at any costs. So, let’s say that the betting site claims to have a license, how can you check whther on not it is legit?! Well, the site must indicate the serial number of the license if they have one. Therefore, if you see the serial number on the site, you can copy and google it to verify it’s authenticity.

Moreover, Trust is built on responsible gambling and strong security. Betting sites like MyStake and Goldenbet show how it’s done. They offer self-exclusion options and cooling off periods and focus on player security. They are licensed by well-known regulators like Curacao.

These casinos use safe payment methods, and at the same time incorporate multiple payment options, such as credit/debit cards, eWallets, bank transfers and cryptocurrencies. An independent agency checks their games regularly. This ensures that the games are fair. It creates a secure betting place where fair gaming policies matter.


Non Gamstop betting sites have lots of benefits. They have big bonuses, lots of betting options, and let you deposit different amounts. In the last five years, these sites have grown by 50%. Sites like Goldenbet and Freshbet give great welcome bonuses and deals, pulling in players from everywhere.

But, making informed gambling decisions is vital. Non Gamstop sites and UK sites follow different rules. This affects how safe and fair they are. Players need to pick really secure sites. 

Non Gamstop sites are good for those who want more choices. But, it’s important to gamble safely and not spend too much. These sites let you bet freely, but you shouldn’t overdo it. Our reviews help you find safe and honest sites. This way, bettors can have fun without worry. Players can decide what’s best for them by knowing about Gamstop and non Gamstop sites.

Are non-GamStop betting websites safe to play on?

NonGamStop betting websites can be safe to play on if they are licensed by reputable jurisdictions and employ proper security measures to protect user data.

What licensing jurisdictions should I look for when considering non-GamStop sportsbooks?

Look for non-GamStop sportsbooks licensed by well-known jurisdictions such as Curacao, Malta, Gibraltar, or Kahnawake, as these jurisdictions have strict regulations and oversight.

How can I check the legitimacy of a non-GamStop sports betting website?

You can verify the legitimacy of a non-GamStop sports betting website by checking for their licensing information, usually placed on sportsbook footer, reading user reviews and feedback, and researching their reputation in the industry.

What should I do if I encounter an issue or dispute on a non-GamStop sportsbook?

Non-GamStop sportsbooks with good customer support will have a dedicated team to handle player concerns. Contact their customer support and explain the issue for resolution. If they don’t resolve the issue you can always get in touch with their license provider.

Are my funds safe on non-GamStop sportsbooks?

Trustworthy non-GamStop sports betting platforms segregate player funds from operational funds and work with secure payment providers to ensure the safety of player funds.

How can I find reputable and safe non-GamStop betting websites?

Look for reviews and recommendations from trusted sources, check our list of trusted nongamstop casinos, and consider platforms with a solid track record and positive user feedback, and check for licenses and certifications from reputable authorities.

How do you ensure if the nongamstop Betting platform is safe?

At, we ensure the safety of non-GamStop casinos by engaging with them as players. Our dedicated team personally tests their services, interacts with customer support, and provides firsthand feedback. Our evaluations and firsthand experiences guarantee that the information we provide is trusted and reliable.

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